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Ryzen laptops run Fortnite and CS:GO over 20% faster with AMD’s new drivers

Theres some good news for those who have laptops with Ryzen Mobile processors and integrated Vega graphics, because AMD has released new official drivers which ...

How Are The Top CS:GO Esports Teams Shaping Up For 2019?

The mighty Astralis reigned supreme in the CS:GO world last year and it will be intriguing to see if anyone can topple them in 2019. ...

My five big hopes for CS:GO in 2019

After recently making a wish list for League of Legends, it seemed to make sense to do one for my other primary focus: CS:GO. The ...

CS:GO Drew 20 Million Unique Players Last Month After Going Free to Play

Counter-Strike Global Offensive received a big update called Danger Zone back in December 2018. This Danger Zone update in CS:GO brought big changes to the ...

CS:GO Topped 20 Million Unique Players In December 2018

CS:GOTops 20 Million Players For over the last 4 years CS:GO (Counterstrike Global Offensive) has proven to be have been one of the most popular first-person ...

CS:GO is getting review bombed – over 25k negative reviews since going free-to-play

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community is offended at the prospect of the six-year-old game going free-to-play. The game which occasionally dips to just a ...

Why the ‘Hawthorn of esports’ are set to steal the CS:GO title

They poached top players from their rivals in the offseason, consistently won matches they looked cooked in and are now turning it on in ...

Team Liquid are CS:GO SuperNova Malta champions

Team Liquid have won the biggest international Esports tournament ever held in Malta. They clinched the first-ever CS:GO SuperNova Malta title after beating NRG Esports in ...

It’s time to write off Melbourne Avant in CS:GO

The home-and-away portion of the Gfinity Elite Series second season is in the books. Week 5 was always going to tie up some loose ends as ...

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