Riot Games has overhauled League of Legends in a number of impressive ways in the past many years. Many shortcomings, whether in relation to gameplay or progression, were addressed to the fullest. However, in terms of user experience, there remains one unfulfilled wish among summoners worldwide that looks to be finally on the drawing board of Riot Games.

Earlier today, product manager Ken Adams was spotted (via Dot Esports) asking players on social media about their opinions on having announcer or voice packs in League of Legends. He noted that having announcer packs “would be pretty cool” and asked for further feedback in regard to voice packs as to how players would want the feature to work.

Take note that adding announcer packs to League of Legends has been one of the biggest requests as far as one can recall. Dota 2, for example, has had such a feature for a while where players can change the global announcer by picking out a pack from the in-game store. League of Legends has offered announcer packs in the past but they were there for only a limited period or during limited events — not for sale. Many players have also tried modding League of Legends to run customized announcer packs. However, they were only possible on the player-end, meaning that other players in the game would still hear the default announcer. They would be thrilled to know that Riot Games is finally looking into the feature and the in-game store of League of Legends could be updated in the near future with several announcer packs to choose from.

As for voice packs, they basically change how a particular champion sounds. The pack could even add new dialogues, voice lines, and voice reactions. Some players have had fun with customized voice packs running on their end. Imagine a feeble-looking champion sounding extremely gruff in League of Legends, or Teemo saying his lines as Garen. The possibilities are endless. It just boils down to what Riot Games prioritizes.

Last month, Riot Games made a ton of new announcements in celebration of the ten-year anniversary of League of Legends. The California-based developer was heavily rumored to be working on multiple projects in the past few years; to the point that speculations drove fans to pick only one from the lot. It turns out that all of those rumors were mostly true. Riot Games actually went through with not one but multiple projects, as well as tools and updates that all revolve around the League of Legends universe.

Senna, the wife of Lucian, has already been released as the next, new champion. There’s a collectible card game in development, as well as a fighting, role-playing, and shooting game — all set in the League of Legends universe. There’s even an animated series adaptation in the pipelines.

2020 and beyond looks to be packed with excitement for Riot Games and the League of Legends community.

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