Vampires, ghouls, and demons — oh my! Announced earlier this week, Apex Legends is hosting an in-game Halloween event called “Fight or Fright” running from October 15 to November 5 and feature the return of Kings Canyon, the setting of the game before the start of Season 3.

“This haunting event is packed with exciting content including an all-new limited-time mode featuring Kings Canyon at night, exclusive event challenges where you can earn free loot, special Halloween inspired Collection Event cosmetics, and more,” the official blog post about the event reads.

The limited-time game mode, called Shadowfall, is a “warped version of the Apex Games hosted by a mysterious figure” limited to 35 solo players. Upon death in Shadowfall, players respawn into a ghoul and join the Shadow Squad, giving you increased movement and jump speed at the expense of weapons and abilities, and you also get a “brutal melee attack.” You can even scale walls and respawn via skydive upon subsequent deaths. The final 10 have to team up and make it to an evac ship.

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