Destiny 2’s next major expansion, Shadowkeep, is right around the corner. Bringing players back to the Moon, they will battle once again against the Hive and discover the dark secrets lurking underneath the surface. Along with new weapons, Destiny 2’s armor system will be receiving a major overhaul via Armor 2.0. This will not only introduce transmogrification but give players better control over how their gear functions.

To explain this major revamp, a live stream was hosted today showcasing a plethora of details regarding this new system. There have been a ton of questions swirling around how this system will affect old and future armor. Many players have been worried that their current gear will become irrelevant, making it difficult to know what they should grind for.

The Destiny 2 Armor 2.0 stream begins today at 10:00 a.m PT/1:00 p.m. ET.

Watch live video from Bungie on

Below is a full recap of everything covered during the Armor 2.0 live stream. We will be updating this as the stream progresses, so make sure to check back with us!

  • Gunsmith will have the Legendary Solstice of Heroes armor set when Shadowkeep releases.

  • Intelligence, Discipline, and Strength stats being introduced. They will scale from 1-100.

  • Every 10 units will unlock a tier that gives you a base increase to speed, movement speed, damage resistance, and ability cooldowns

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