Pokemon Go Fest 2019, the flagship event for the hit mobile game, is set to take place June 13 to 16 in Chicago. For those curious about the activities, Niantic released the map of the Grant Park event.

It features a few surprising elements. The biggest ones are the Battle Arena and Trading Outposts. Both highlight some of the major changes in “Pokemon Go” over the past few months. The Battle Arena capitalizes on the Player vs. Player feature Niantic introduced in December. The outposts highlights the element where players can trade their pocket monsters. For the event, the map confirms that players will have “increased Special Trades and reduced Stardust costs for trading!”

For battling and participating in activities, players will be able to win prizes that they can apparently get at the Prize Redemption spot at Hutchinson Field.

Trainers to the event will also work together to unlock rewards as part of the Global Challenge. That’s something Niantic has done with the game since the first Pokemon Go Fest in 2017.

Along with the activities players will have a chance to pick up souvenirs at the Niantic Store and the Pokemon Center Store. It seems as though the company has heard player demand for trinkets to commemorate the event.

As for ticketing, players won’t have a wristband or physical tickets. According to a press release, players will have to spin a stop to activate their ticket and mark their attendance. From there, they’ll be able to catch the special Pokemon and participate in the activiates attached to Pokemon Go Fest.

For the event, Niantic encourages players to bring a water bottle to hydrate during the daylong catch session. Along with that, they suggest bringing a reusable bag or tote to carry supplies and souvenirs. It’s unclear whether those bags should be transparent. My recommendation is to bring an extra battery in a clear bag, water bottle and an ice pack just in case your phone overheats. I’ll be attending Pokemon Go Fest 2019, and I’ll report back on the experience.

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