League of Legends Staff

League of Legends Staff

I must admit that I have not played a lot of League of Legends, but I have played enough to know I’m not very good at the game. This is a fact that was made abundantly clear within about 3 minutes of my first ever game when my teammates starting giving me abuse for taking Darius down the middle lane. I still don’t entirely understand what that means…

It seems, however, that not everything is particularly happy at developer Riot Games either as in a report via Waypoint, staff are reportedly set to stage a mass walkout over what they feel are poor (and worsening) working conditions. In addition, also a lack of management action and support over recent allegations.

Why Are They Unhappy?

The waters here are a little murky, but it appears that following internal investigations into sexist behaviour at the company, Riot Games was subject to a number of lawsuits from employees. In an attempt to ‘block’ (or defuse) these, however, Riot Games has essentially alienated a very significant portion of their staff. Specifically, because the company is looking to endorse mandatory arbitration rather than allowing the legal action to proceed.

With staff members accused of engaging in sexist behaviour being reprimanded, it is also alleged that the punishment they have received has been very lenient. Basically, paid suspension.

While there have been talks of arbitration between the company and its staff, Riot Games is reportedly stoking further antagonism by being keen on keeping these ‘consultation’ groups to a very minimal size. Smaller numbers of people are, after all, easier to ‘handle’.

It seems, however, that a significant portion of staff members are attempting to rally the ‘office’. Specifically, to stage a mass walkout in protest at how the company is being run. More so, how the management has handled this to date.

What do we Think?

You have to be careful in regards to reports such as this. There are clearly a lot of unhappy people approaching this from various angles. As such, getting a clear picture to the current situation is always difficult.

What can be confirmed, however, is that a notable portion of Riot Games staff are clearly not happy. Not happy to the point of all staff members staging a walkout? It’s possible and in terms of PR would certainly look very poor for Riot Games.

At this point, we’ll have to wait and see. So far, however, it seems that their damage control might only be making things worse!

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League of Legends

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