You don’t need to know your Azeroth from your elbow to enjoy this gut-bustingly funny new show

A feudal empire in chaos. Evil magic on the march. Far-flung warriors gathering their strength for an ultimate reckoning. That might sound like hype for the final season of Game of Thrones but it also describes Kingdom Scrolls, the massive multiplayer video game at the heart of Dead Pixels. This wickedly entertaining new sitcom starring Alexa Davies from Raised by Wolves may have been inspired by the massive success of online games like World of Warcraft but, thankfully, you are not required to know your Azeroth from your elbow to enjoy it.

For rudderless twentysomethings Meg (Davies) and Nicky (Will Merrick), the online world of randy paladins and talking cat-people in Kingdom Scrolls offers up the tantalising fantasy of becoming a champion in control of their own destiny. The reality is rather more prosaic. In common with most online fantasy games, their heroic journey requires repeating mindless tasks to rack up experience points in the pursuit of some distant endgame. These are realms full of trolls, both the creatures of yore and their obnoxious human equivalents, roaming the game looking to ruin people’s fun.

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