Respawn Entertainment’s hit battle royale game, Apex Legends, has crossed a new barrier. Becker College in Massachusetts has partnered with Team Genji and Helix eSports to unveil the “the nation’s first path-to-pro Apex Legends esports scholarship program.” The scholarship will award recipients a one time amount of $5000 USD for Becker College. To be eligible for the scholarship, starting today, current high school juniors and seniors must register with Team Genji’s recruiting platform via their official website.

Early next month, Helix eSports will host “North America’s largest Apex Legends amateur tournament.” At this tournament, Team Genji will provide analytics for players, and the top performing players will have a chance to receive the scholarship if they apply and are admitted to Becker College. Finalists in the tournament will automatically be invited to apply for the college to not miss the opportunity at the scholarship. For players unable to attend the tournament or are not old enough to participate, they can still register with Team Genji to maintain “eligibility for future Becker esports scholarships.”

In a statement from Becker College’s esports general manager Timothy Loew, the purpose of the scholarship is to provide young Apex Legends players “a unique chance to combine their talents with an education.” For those who receive the scholarship and enroll at Becker College, they will be given the opportunity to try out for the college’s Apex Legends esports team that is planned to start up in the fall of this year.

Since the game’s surprise release in early February, it has achieved massive success. The game took the world by storm, and surpassed the juggernaut Fortnite in viewership on Twitch within its first week. The game has recently crossed the 50 million players threshold as well. With success though, Respawn has gone to war to ban a plethora of cheaters that have popped up across the game.

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