A new quest for Destiny 2 has officially dropped and it requires players to pick either the Drifter or the Vanguard. If you select the Drifter you’ll be tasked with discovering seven tapes he has hidden throughout the EDZ. Without only vague clues where they are located, it can be frustrating to try and find them.

Thankfully, we have located every tape so you don’t have too! Below is every Drifter tape location, so just head to where the photo is pointing and you’ll be able to listen to the Drifter’s messages. After you finish this, just head back to The Tower to finish your quest.

Trostland Drifter Tape

Trostland Drifter Tape

The first Drifter Tape can be found in the Trostlands. When you arrive go straight through the open door and into the dark room that’s typically full of Fallen. Kill them and enter the adjoining room that has a file cabinet and a desk in the back right corner. You should find the first Drifter tape sitting there.

Skydock IV Drifter Tape

Skydock IV Drifter Tape

The next tape can be found in the Skydock IV Lost Sector. Located in the Sunken Island, you will need to fight your way to the boss room. Once you’ve killed all the Cabal you can pick up the next tape by investigating the orange control console right at the entrance to the boss’s lair.

Flooded Chasm Drifter Tape

Flooded Chasm Drifter Tape

This Lost Sector is found right by the spawn point at the Gultch. Once you enter and make your way through the cave you’ll enter a large boss room. Kill both the Cabal and Fallen in the room before investigating the computer console in the middle of the room.

Sojourner’s Camp Drifter Tape


You can find the next tape in the Sojourner’s Camp, which a patrol zone south of the Outskirts. Make your way to this location and kill the small group of Fallen guarding this area. Once they are all dead, approach the console underneath the large tarp and investigate it to earn your next tape.

Excavation Site XII Drifter Tape

Excavation Site Drifter Tape

Your next tape is in the Lost Sector found in the Firebase Hades patrol zone. Make your way into the dig site via the cave entrance and clear out the room of Cabal. After killing the boss, go behind the large piece of machinery and inspect the control console. This is where the next Drifter tape is located.

Winding Cove Drifter Tape

This is the easiest of all the tapes to find since it’s right by the spawn point. When you drop into the Winding Cove look for the open box on the rocks to your right. Examine it with your Ghost and you’ll unlock the next tape.

Scavenger’s Den Drifter Tape

Drifter Tape

Finally, you can find the last Drifter Tape in the Scavenger’s Den Lost Sector. Once you enter the first room, kill all of the Fallen and examine the console on the ground floor. It’s not located in boss room, so you only need to go to the opening area. Just walk up to the computer and examine it to get the last, heartfelt message from the Drifter.

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