Apex Legends will operate on the seasonal content model made popular by Fortnite.

Now that Apex Legends has launched and seems to be going gangbusters, it’s time to look ahead at what Respawn has in store for players.

The developer revealed a roadmap for the game’s year one of content. The year is divided into four season, each lasting approximately three months. Though precise dates have not yet been revealed, the first season kicks off in March with the launch of the battle pass.

The price of the battle pass itself has not been announced either, but an FAQ on the official site confirms the pass will give players access to exclusive cosmetics, but no Legends or anything that’ll affect the game.

Speaking of Legends, the first new one will launch during season 2, due to kick off in June. New weapons, and loot are too planned for seasons three and four. Each season also brings new cosmetics to Apex Legends, and even more content Respawn has yet to reveal.

Respawn has ambitious plans to make Apex Legends relevant for ten years, and it wants to shake up the battle royale genre with weapon, and map design.

If you’re just jumping into the game yourself, be sure to get started with our early tips and tricks, and check our guide for the best weapons.

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