Holier than thou.

Following its success with Paladins: Champions of the Realm – which brought the team-based shooter genre to Switch with platform parity and solid performance – developer Hi-Rez Studios has now given its other big online hit the same handheld-friendly treatment. While Paladins has proved itself to be Overwatch’s only real competition, Smite’s MOBA-style has been giving the likes of League of Legends and Dota 2 a good run for their money. But can this god-battling multiplayer brawler bring its full experience to Nintendo’s hardware without too much concession?

Thankfully, we’re not getting another Fight of Gods. While its roster of armoured deities is very much a recognisable bunch, you won’t have to worry about battling a steroid-addled Jesus (well, technically you can play as the Hindu god Ganesha, but at least they"re treated with a little more creative respect). Of course, if you do happen to find using Norse gods or Arthurian legends offensive on a spiritual level, then perhaps this isn’t the game for you. For everyone else, you’ll have access to over 90 gods and goddesses from across history – with more no doubt due to arrive in future updates.

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