League of Legends released a brand new cinematic to usher in the Ranked 2019 season for the game. The video, titled “Awaken,” follows a host of characters from the game duking it out and features the vocal talents of Valerie Broussard with Ray Chen on violin. The cinematic is absolutely beautiful, which is nothing out of the ordinary for the League of Legends cinematics. From the stunning visuals of three separate fight scenes to the haunting vocals and accompanying score, the short video draws you in and quite frankly, really makes you want to play some League.

The cinematic is broken up into three scenes. The first features Jhin, ever the showman, playing the piano opening for the song to a decimated theatre. His performance is not without an audience, however, as the lifeless bodies of his victims fill the seats. As he plays, Camille moves through the theatre with a small army of soldiers, though they do not take Jhin by surprise. As the soldiers move through the aisles, they are ensnared by his lotus traps, forcing Camille to take a leap for the stage. Jhin draws his shotgun and takes a bow as she descends upon him.

The second scene depicts Draven as a Roman emperor of sorts, overlooking a gladiatorial battle from high in the stands. He unenthusiastically twirls his knife until Riven is raised from below the coliseum in chains. After she skillfully defeats all challengers with the very chains that imprisoned her, Draven jumps into the ring himself, poised for battle. The two exchange blows (and even a well-timed headbutt from Riven), until Draven, obviously enjoying the thrill of a worthy adversary, runs at Riven, blades in full swing, as she leaps in the air to deliver a blow with her own.

The final scene begins with Irelia heading into battle to protect a small number of warriors against a much larger invading army, led by Sion. As the army advances, leaving destruction in its wake, Irelia makes quick work of the soldiers, until Sion comes charging out from the fray. One hit is all it takes to knock her to the ground, and the outlook is grim as Sion towers above her. Sion raises his ax to deliver the final blow, but Irelia is saved by a forcefield conjured by Karma, as Akali leaps into battle. The trio is quickly joined by both Yasuo and Kennen, equalizing the fight as they all work together to bring down Sion.

The cinematic masterfully splices each battle together, weaving in and out of the scenes. The pure adrenaline of the video is so captivating, it almost makes you forget that it’s a promo for the new League of Legends competitive season, which begins on January 24. You can check out the entire cinematic below.

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