There are many who hold that the vanilla World of Warcraft experience was the height of the all conquering MMORPG, and they have been looking for a way to go back to that ever since. We have had some fan servers for a classic World of Warcraft- experience, but Blizzard’s announcement of World of Warcraft Classic- finally answers fan hopes of an authentic vanilla World of Warcraft- take.

But… what exactly is going on with it? We haven’t seen hide nor tail of it since the announcement, and information on it has been scarce, somewhat worrying when you consider that, in spite of a slated release date for this year, Blizzard does after all have a reputation for delaying games, sometimes for years on end.-

Well, the good news is that development on the game is coming along. The bad news is that that’s all the new news we have—well, that, and Blizzard’s community manager calling the development of the game a “complicated process”.

“The development is definitely moving along but it’s a complicated process and I don’t have any specific details to share at this point”, the community manager wrote on the official World of Warcraft forums. “We know you’d like to have a Q-amp;A and a variety of things answered, but we’d prefer to have concrete answers to give you guys or new information. I’m personally very opposed to doing a Q-amp;A for the sake of doing it without saying anything new. For everyone’s sake that’s just the better choice when it comes to these types of things.”

I appreciate Blizzard not wanting to share any information until they have something more concrete on hand, but I sincerely hope, for Warcraft fans, that they will be able to show something some time soon. A fair few of them are probably getting antsy.-

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