After players in the Middle East got vocal about all the problems they’ve been having with Fortnite, Epic Games has responded to their pleas. For those of you who are unaware, playing the game in certain areas of the world is a pain as there are issues that come up that many other countries don’t experience. Japan, the U.K., Canada, the U.S., we’re all used to having games flow with only the occasional hiccup in the servers. In the Middle East, however, problems are rampant due to cloud shortage and connection issues with servers. So many playing in those countries get shafted just by what’s available to them. Epic Games reached out this week to say they were taking steps to fix it.

Obviously, saying the next few months is a bit of a safeguard on their part, as there’s no telling how soon they’ll be able to implement any changes or fixes for those Fortnite players. But considering how much money they made off the game in 2018, one would assume they could buy what’s necessary and start forging those kind of relationships in the Middle East to help gamers out now and in the future when it comes to other companies.

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