BOULDER — The popular multi-player game, ‘Fortnite’, has reached a whopping 200 million users worldwide. The game is popular among teens and young adults. Many parents are concerned their kids are becoming addicted to it.

The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, where you fight to be the last one standing.

“Fortnite came hot on the scene in the last year,” explained Tracy Markle, Founder of Digital Media Treatment in Boulder.

Markle specializes in video game addiction.

"It’s become a game where if you don’t play it with your peers at school, you’re an outcast,” Markle said.

The game itself is free. You can play it on your computer and on your smartphone (as well as other systems).

According to Markle, it checks every box counselors look at when they look at what makes a game addictive.

“It’s competitive, it makes a person feel a sense of achievement when they’re playing the game, it’s a way for them to connect with peers and socialize and it’s immersive,” she explained. "The quality of the game does not allow you to walk away from the game until it is complete”.

Markle has worked with CU Boulder students who started flunking out of class because of their addiction to the game.

Many players will spend hours on it.

"So then it impacts the ability to prioritize their homework and manage their time and they become more immersed into their game,” Markle said.

The creator of the game has yet to comment on any addiction issues.

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