The creators of Fortnite issued an apologetic tweet Thursday after players pointed out the absurd “breast physics” in the Season 6 update. Post-update, the new Calamity cowgirl skin appears to have especially jiggly boobs when she does the “jubilation” emote. As an owner of boobs, I can confirm they don’t move like that, even when you do the dance! Epic contends it was “unintended,” but the company isn’t fooling anyone. Thousands of years of evolution and the persistence of certain cultural ideas can explain why we have debates over breast physics in the first place.

The breast physics issue — or Easter egg, depending on how you look at it — was first brought to light by Twitter user FaZe Agony, who posted a video of Calamity’s oddly dynamic breasts. To Epic’s credit, the company corrected the error right away. “This is unintended, embarrassing, and it was careless for us to let this ship,” an Epic spokesperson told reporters. “We are working now to fix this as soon as possible.”

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